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The automobile has always fascinated me since an uncle of mine had a MG Tickford in the late 30's. It was a beautiful apple green. At the age of nineteen  I started sketching during my lunch hours around the US embassy in Grosvenor square London. Intrigued by the great shapes of  the American cars like the Studebaker, Cadillac. I remember a  wonderful Ford Crown Victoria convertible that was turquoise and white. Moving with my wife and children to New York Gene Butera saw my sketches of automobiles and gave me my first assignment in Car and Driver magazine. My career developed from there. Cycle magazine, Yachting, Redbook, Esquire Sports Illustrated National Geographic Smithsonian and Air and Space. Twenty eight US postal stamps. Commercial clients include American Airlines Boeing US army Navy and Air force. Mercedes Benz Toyota Honda General Motors Chrysler. Indianapolis speedway. My work hangs in the Speedway museum and Rosso Biance Museum in Frankfurt Germany. At the present I am commissioned by automobile collectors to do portraits of them and their cars. I will be leaving for a month on an assignment in Bali. painting landscapes and life style. My next exhibit at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concourse in  California.